• soulfulstirrings 5w

    In life's atelier ...
    I am an empty canvas and she the artist .

    Refer -
    She - life
    Feuillemort - faded color of fallen leaves

    #colour @sumana_chakraborty @preetkanwal
    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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    I am a white canvas that life fills ,
    With her colourful hues .
    Sometimes radiant , sometimes sombre .
    I change just as the seasons do ...
    A summery ochre I am ,
    When she sees me
    Gliding through sunshine fields ...
    A verdant green
    When she cleanses ,
    My soul with her touch ..
    I am feuillemort shades
    Of a fading fall ..
    Waiting to be reborn ,
    At each curve and bend ..
    I am that wintery silver
    Glistening in darkness ..
    And in the end ..
    I turn into a rainbow
    Etched on every pore of my skin .
    /I am all colors she paints me in
    I am just a mere speck in this cosmic journey/