• fiotzzz 45w

    (˵¯͒〰¯͒˵) we are all guilty of criticizing ourselves that it makes us feel pretty bad n stuff
    #wordoftheday #self-criticism #stopthatgetsomehelp

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    My Words n’ My Smile

    It is villainous
    I know it is
    My words and my smile
    An ignoble pleasure
    A crimson red
    That is painted in your head
    A harrowing essence
    Felt in my presence
    To my ostentatious tongue
    To where the singing lich hung
    I’m here and I’m there
    I could be anywhere
    In small threads in your mind
    In there you’ll find
    Me and my opaque face
    Hindering your legs in the race
    Your eyes see not stars
    But the dark space in all bars

    What am I?
    Your self-critique