• roxana91 6w

    Until you

    We both laughed until I started crying
    We both loved until you started hating me.

    I continued to love you
    Even when your heart stopped doing this,
    I continued to love you
    Even when my heart could find no reason for it.

    We both had a relationship
    Until you turned the silence into a storm,
    I didn't know that after a good period
    The worst time will come.

    I always said that our love will not end,
    And now no, no,
    I can't believe someone else
    Changed your mood.

    We both kissed until you didn't
    Let me touch your skin anymore.
    We both talked a lot
    Until you didn't say a word to me.

    Together, then separately,
    After you laugh,
    You will cry in the way you laughed.