• saavee 6w

    The world is full of possibilities and we are abundant with hell lot abilities ..just a matter of hope and risk!
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    Is the rain just pure water
    Just so pure! It makes the heart bother
    To know if the sky is filling up it's tears
    Just like humans trapped in their fears
    To then one day just pour itself out
    Those ill feelings through screams and shouts
    The voice so low of the water that's dripping
    Just like our timid mind that's slowly ripping
    The massive clouds that hover up there..
    Keep pushing us down only if we care
    About the infinite, weird random possibilities
    Only if we could believe in our endless abilities
    To own up the world that we'd create
    That the universe would then finally reciprocate
    And the rain drops that once seemed tears of grief
    Would finally seem like tears of joy and relief!