• droneking 5w

    Pipe dreams

    Why fight for love when your the only one fighting

    My spark in my life is now hate and anger and it's igniting

    Left it all on the table willing to do anything for it if I was willing and able

    To go on with life when I feel dead inside I don't know if I'm able

    Just caught a glimpse of the light and back to the darkness I go

    I'm ticking time bomb with a fuze half lit ready to blow

    Chasing something that keeps running away

    The light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away

    Lost myself cuz I lost my other half is it possible too lose love twice

    Tired of gambling in this game of love rolling the dice

    She told me I was her everything how come I feel like nothing

    Life's a bitch she knocked me down without even apologizing

    Love must be truly blind cuz I feel like I'm unseen

    Tina dancing in the veins as it shoots out the clean