• maktoob 6w

    Was earth

    Once upon a time there was an earth. humans came and conquered it. They started thinking of themselves higher than nature, than cosmic universe. They had this thing inside them which made them feel invincible, that they can beat nature, that they can comprehend cosmic mechanism. They were full of delusions. These delusions made them mad. Out of these delusions they made weapons of mass destruction.they were insecure about each other. They were complex beings. Result of these complexities was their so called religions, there so called 'isms' and ' schisms'. They used to fight over these 'isms' and 'schisms' , over so called religions. they were never satisfied with their knowledge. Quench for understanding the womb of cosmos took them to the brink of annihilation. they had already fought many battles and wars among them. But there so called wars ' world war 1 and 2' were most destructive . They learned from these wars. They changed few things and vowed never to engage in such thing. On the same hand they never checked those delusions, that quench, and they kept doing the same mistake. Law of averages was waiting for the third one to happen.it happened.humans vanished.life vanished.

    We the new ' humans' should learn from past.