• desireegirardeau 10w

    Open Your Heart

    Open your heart and let people in,
    Scared but still hopeful it won't be broken
    Try to stay strong, not to dwell or fall to fast Stay true to who you are,
    Leave the past where its at.
    Its hard to tell red flags that are real from worries and doubts that we've created from fear.
    Its hard not to run at the first shake,
    not to assume every tremor will become an earthquake.
    Breath deep,
    Stand tall,
    Know your worth above all.
    Don't let mistakes and bad timing keep you from trying.
    Don't let the shade they throw keep you from shining
    Don't sit alone in the silence
    Take that chance
    Make that leap
    When you hear lifes music..
    Don't let worries make you lose sleep
    Make life beautiful
    Stay intense
    Don't over think....
    Live while you can,
    Love fearlessly
    Don't let your mind become a prison Remember your the warden
    You hold the key.
    Feed your soul
    Let it breath authenticity....
    Words so easily said
    Yet so often forgot in life's chaos
    Remember these things as you live each day
    Though you may struggle don't lose your way
    With so many lives taken too soon,
    Don't be the reason your not happy as each day ends
    Be the place where hope is born and life is lived.