• thesorceryworld1 50w

    There is someone who is trying so hard for you. Holding your shopping bags and running here and there on the streets just to be in your company. Visiting places, which he otherwise would not have, just to let you explore the city. Revisiting those boring monuments, because you find history alluring. Gulping in your favorite food to see a chink of your smile. Coming all over the miles, just to see you, to spend time with you.
    Watching your favorite shows, so that you have a companion to chat about it. Buying everything expensive for you, and cutting off those daily expenses to make you smile.

    Life is all about sacrifices. It is all about making others your priority. All they want in return is a little appreciation,
    They deserve a plenty of it, yet they get so little. Learn to appreciate people, learn to admire the moments they create for you. Learn to treasure people, not things. For, this world is too small to not appreciate. One fine day, you will realise, that appreciation is the key to a happy life.