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    Old Tree

    I’m an old tree living
    in a small neighborhood,
    I have lived here for as long
    as I could remember.

    Back then, the neighborhood
    was a bundle of activities.
    In the day, I would see
    young kids playing & running around,
    housewives in small groups chatting happily with their marketing trolleys,
    & commuters rushing to work.
    The nights were usually peaceful,
    with couples strolling &
    whispering sweet nothings
    in the moonlight.
    They were common scenes
    I saw in my days.

    With the passage of time,
    familiar faces I used to see
    began fading away,
    till no longer seen.
    Buildings were reduced to debris,
    turning the neighbourhood
    into a quiet & lonely place,
    Yet there I stood, rooted firmly
    in my ground.

    By & by, modern structures were built, giving the neighbourhood
    a "new lease of life",
    New happy faces started rolling in.
    The neighborhood resumed
    its former glory,
    bustling with new life,
    Yet there I remained, unchanged,
    save for a few extra "wrinkles"
    & a "thinner" crown.

    Through the sands of time,
    I have seen ceaseless faces
    come & go,
    New structures looking fancier
    with each facelift,

    Yet there I stayed,
    grounded where I was.