• littlemindlessmagic 10w

    i don't know why she's so afraid of me
    as if i'm a monster waiting at the river to drag her into depths she doesn't want to see.
    it feels like she doesn't want to see me,
    she even avoids the river sometimes so that she doesn't see my hideous face
    deep down in her heart,
    she knows she can cross the river,
    and she knows she can face me,
    But her heart reminds her of me
    to be afraid of me
    and to always be cautious
    with each step.
    i've seen her face even worse monsters
    the ones that almost tore her apart
    the ones she slayed with her sword
    the ones that spit venom on her
    but that made her stronger.
    she has crossed oceans which she once thought would leave her scarred forever
    sometimes i've seen her itching the drops away
    and sometimes she drowns in her dreams
    but she knows
    she has survived.
    the real monsters don't haunt her so much.
    she comes across many paths
    many of her monsters
    are now the stones she carries
    like relics
    for her use one day.
    i don't know why is she scared of me.
    i'm not a monster she needs to slay.
    and she knows it too.
    the river maybe deep
    but there's still a shore in sight.
    i may drag her down but
    only because i'm a stone
    that she will carry
    across the river.
    i'm only failure
    a monster in the shape of her fear
    that now haunts her dreams.
    but i'm also
    the rope of the bridge
    that she will cross someday.

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