• jayday 6w


    Love is between hearts,
    That gather the fruits of love,
    Under one tree.

    You can't see it,
    You can't taste it,
    You can't smell it,
    You can't touch it.

    But you can know it.
    In your heart.

    You can never know just where love begins.
    Or how it came,
    Or what was it's way.

    But when two people share the same love.

    You know Love.

    Love in many ways, is like the forbidden fruit.

    No one can have it but you. And it must be shared to be had. And if not shared remains a mystery.

    When love is shared, that's how you know it's love...

    There is only one way love doesn't come to a man... And that's alone. Because love is always in the form of a relationship for man.

    :) Love is more than your next meal. Its how you share the rest of your life.