• yashimehta 50w


    All this months I've understand..it is important to let go of the things which repeatedly hurt you and break your heart..makes you cry in the middle of the night
    Stop investing in people who take you for granted.
    Stop depending on people who have done nothing but made you feel worthless
    You're not too much for letting go.
    It is not being too much when it comes to your own worth.
    It took you years to realise.. what your worth is and what you deserve..never settle for anything less than that
    Love yourself enough to detach yourself from what is not good for your inner peace and your soul
    Love yourself enough to to stay happy with your own company
    Love your self to save yourself..to be your own hero
    Love yourself. So when people have disappointed you, you can proudly say I need me and I don't need you.