• alisdaire_ocaoimph 5w


    Grieve well
    The death of your mother
    The Lamentations
    Your fading tears
    Grieve well
    As you draw her last breath
    Push your fingers around her beating heart
    To make it stop
    And you scream to the moment
    Profess your endearing pain
    As you suck dry her honey
    Race for her gold
    Gather with impunity
    Lie the love you hold
    Grieve well
    For you've cut your own demise
    Hung your selfish deeds to dry
    Upon the iniquity of your beds
    Die well
    Her children
    The jewel by which she lived
    For you've ruined all creation
    For these lies you believe
    Burn fast her body
    Let it linger no more
    For you've settled for the moment
    And closed life's precious door.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph