• mirari 41w

    Childhood Castle

    I hug my legs as I lay on a cloud
    And it takes me on a gentle ride
    But it doesn't seem to be floating out;
    It seems to be floating in.
    Something the thunder clouds can never do.
    It is taking me towards a castle,
    That seemed to be covered with-- snow? No, dust,
    Its golden gates portraying the majesty
    Of familiar fairytale figures in intricate plating.
    From Snow White to Little Red Riding Hood,
    They silently greet me and open, slowly
    Without so much as a creak.
    And from within the opalescent bricks
    And behind those worn golden gates
    Is a white light as bright as the midnight moon.
    It calls to me without a sound,
    And it draws me in without a touch
    And I find myself drifting in;
    Reaching for the distant sense of home.

    Inside, I find myself in a room of walls white as fluffy clouds
    With shiny copper lines tracing in flower patterns
    And a marble floor depicting the glorious rays
    Of the morning sun that cradled my childhood days.
    I am surrounded by toys; wooden shapes, rainbow xylophones,
    Clockwork dolls, planes of plastic flown with dreams,
    Wind-up ducks and maple wood birds
    And old storybooks-- portals to other, lighter worlds.
    The teddy bear servants run to me
    Clumsily with their stuffed cotton feet
    And onto my back they lay fairy wings
    As they set aside my worn red coat.
    I can hear the tiny marching band
    Playing a song of welcoming hearth
    And look up to see tracks floating in midair
    Where the toy train runs and steams--
    The "steam" being the pastel bubbles.

    I walk towards the ceiling that was high as heaven,
    Walking up the crystal steps
    To view the endless sea of stars
    That seemed to have been covered for years
    But now is in its clear former glory
    Along with my castle of childlike wonder
    That my grown hands had covered with velvet drapes
    And wrapped up with torn moonlight lace.
    But now-- since now, I've known
    That I never had to leave it behind.