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    As the Blazing fire reduces wood to ashes, self- wisdom reduces all karma to ashes - Bhagavad Gita

    For only and purely my Peace of Conscience and Spiritual self shall I try to pretend a few things
    Afterall, we're all not so Naive and new to this. Although you're happy at your end makes me glad.. Stop trying to pretend the sugary extra. As am not quite a player in this folk pleasing company and Galore of hatred.
    You can't escape from whats being served on your table and Your apology must be as loud as your disrespect was
    I also don't wish to carry any pretentious label and lie that I like you.
    People playing both, cards and humans could just kindly stay away from me.
    And let those people just like dead leaves drop.

    Now You kitty,
    Do not terminate the light flickering inside you to grow..
    Embrace the love you have in yourself and for the Selective others
    Keep believing and exploring your insight
    If it was a Cakewalk, everyone would do it.
    Hydrate, Grow and Slay !
    None of this and People would matter once you Bloom!
    And all this too shall pass soon

    - Stars to Rainbows to Birds to curiosity to KitKat and Everything you love Girl! xoxo