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    Thank you, Ruchi for writing such wonderful write ups and for inspiring me.
    @loving_reverie ❤❤

    Intimidated by the painful attributes of life,
    I walked away like I always do.
    Mourning over my 3 am coffee,
    I saw the residues of the night before;
    lying in my ashtray,
    burned to the core.
    The colour of the burnt resembles the colour of my life, grey.

    In the morrow of the upcoming sorrow;
    a moody figure living the dull life,
    lost in the dingy room,
    in the coolness spiral of music,
    had to borrow the brewed panacea from her neighbour,
    to comfort her migraines.
    This had become the new ritual.

    The black and white that resided in me
    had given me the texture of virgin mystery,
    the mystery of a broken heart and the silence of courage.
    The red that had wrapped me around its finger,
    played with my green,
    and invited the yellow,
    the forbidden lover.

    In the hope of being fathomed,
    I took a turn for speaking about the ills of being loud.
    For, I'm the lover of silence;
    and my silence is the cue to revamp the dreading nostalgia into the coveted oblivion.
    My courage is my silence,
    even at the time when I am perceived as imperceptible.


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