• rodney_kanher 10w

    Extra shades of glass

    'Something is wrong with this world.'
    I said to the inner me.
    'Why do you think so?' he asked.
    'Because everyone judge me
    for the things I have done.
    I know I've done so many bad things
    and even more than worse,
    but I've done so many good things too.
    Why can't they see that?
    Why can't they appreciate me for that?' I growled.
    'Don't worry about that and just stay calm
    Cause they have wore an extra glass on their eyes
    Of the shades they like
    and will see the world the way they want.
    And the irony is that
    Even if you tell them
    they won't listen to you
    So just stay calm and ignore them.'He explained

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    Extra shades of glass