• ananyasurendran_mirage 10w

    I never got used,
    I just learnt to walk away in course of time..
    It began with mother,
    I was the kid and I was the chatter box, Studious back a while,
    Finish studies and homework,fast..
    I run to her,
    Simply to talk,
    To talk and talk,
    My never ending stories!
    But she was always in pain..
    She never wanted to listen..
    She tells me, do your studies,
    I tell her I did it all,
    Yet she tells the same..
    I never got angry...
    I obey her!
    With father I do another trick,
    He is panic when I'm sick,
    That's only when I see him not rude..
    I act sick so he talks more!
    But at the end of the day,
    Even he tells the same!
    For me, the stories of excuses and avoidance began there!
    Likewise, eventually in life I did it all
    All hungama,
    To talk to the people I love..
    And the old stories mostly continued..
    And eventually I became a scholar!
    Scholar in detecting excuses and avoidance!
    And now I perceive it faster,
    Faster than the speed of light..lol!
    And yeah, I never got used,
    I just learnt to walk away, with no regrets!
    ©Ananya Surendran