• singhlakshmi 5w


    Through the voyage of life
    We go through lots of forlorn...

    But it totally depend upon us
    How we see it...

    It's us
    Who looses faith in one's self
    And think as left out

    Those pitiful sadness
    The feeling of emptiness
    Will be get changed
    Only if we put a little more effort
    To see these through different eye
    And discover good in the way of mother nature...

    Nature is blessing to us
    It never do something wrong to anyone
    It gives what we truly deserve
    Yet, unlikely, it seems to be unfair
    Become unbearable
    Instantly, this is it's way to teach us
    Prepare us
    So that we can gain
    For what we are living...

    Even if we missed something
    It is it's way to motivate us
    Only if,
    We have favourable way to THINK...