• 300roses 6w

    My Lovely Moon

    My lovely moon,
    How alluring you are.

    On nights where your
    fullness meets the
    dark blue sky,
    your surreal beauty
    fills its vastness.

    The sky mesmerised,
    beams in your
    graceful shine,
    creating a beautiful picture
    before my eyes.

    My lovely moon,
    How soothing you are.

    In your presence,
    I bare my soul,
    as my defenses peel away,
    for you do not judge
    like others do.

    In your gentleness,
    I'm touched,
    for your soft moonlight
    smoothes the
    ruffles of my heart.

    In your serenity,
    I'm quiet,
    my heart calm
    as the sea,
    for your peace fills me.

    My lovely moon,
    How I delight in you!