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    Its raining real hard and I don't have a decent connection....

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    It was raining hard, and it was cold
    I am reminiscing, reading this book of old
    A sip of coffee, to warm my soul,
    In the side of it, milk and cereal in a bowl.
    The blanket feels nice, it feels like a hug,
    but as I was reading, I felt a tug
    I dismissed it as an involuntary muscle,
    for I don't want any unnecessary struggle.
    But it really feels queer
    And a feeling starts setting in, fear
    It was late morning, but the sun isn't up
    And all the while I hear this faint tap
    I am alone but I felt eyes gazing
    And not just watching, their eyes piercing
    I feel it at my nape, but I hear nothing
    But when I turned around, I knew I saw something
    Out of the corner of my eye, I am sure its waiting
    Not sure how but I felt it breathing,
    And the I saw it, outside the window, staring
    All those alarm bell in my head blaring
    But in a blink of an eye, its gone, there's nothing
    And up to this day I am not sure what it was
    But I am really thankful that it just pass