• kottak 10w


    I didnt mean it. I didnt mean any of it. Because if I was just pretending it's okay that everyone leaves. They enter all wide eyed and interested because my alluring smile is the same as the song of a siren. You all must be dying because you enter my life like I've captured you and then you're gone. I assume it's when the song ends . When it turns into a blood churning scream. When it's not about you. When tears turn angry in seconds. Is that what you can't handle. You can't handle when the mask is pulled off and the monster is revealed. You can't handle that I carve out pieces of myself and hand them out to makes others whole all while still smiling ? That I am not allowed to have emotions ,bad day,an opinion a voice louder than an atomic bomb. Please explain it to me. But I was just pretending. Luring you all to some catastrophic end because the reality of everyone leaving is to hard to handle. No amount of sad songs or tears or random.men can account from the scars that are left because everyone leaves. You wonder why the siren sing? To get what they want and that's the same reason I smile. The end is always the same. You will leave. The screams keep them at bay but someone is always to curious or has a point to prove..so yes I am pretending.i never loved anyone of you. Cause the alternative that I'll love all you Forever is too much . So I'll sing my song because everyone leaves.