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    We all know at some point in our life we love someone to the fullest.
    . And we know the feeling when you are so attached to the person that whenever they are no more in our life we remember each and every moment spent with him/her.
    Wherever he or she maybe is right now you know they have the same love for you as always and you cant just simply stop yourself from visiting those memories again and again because you too know that the time spent with them was the most beautiful experiences of your life..❤..
    This post is also something similar to this..
    Hope you all like this❤.

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    I Love you too❤

    PART ~ 1

    On one fine day everything stopped.
    The texts I used to reply with a heart emoji,
    The feeling when someone cares for you,
    Those late night calls,
    Where we used to talk about every show we've watched together.
    How Arya survived in GOT.
    How much Will and Riley love each other.
    A sense of love and happiness in wathcing F.R.I.E.N.D.S and many more.
    I still talk about every movie and video which inspired us or gave us the feeling of togetherness.
    But the only difference is,
    For now we cant really talk or even call,
    Because this time it is me and your photos on our wall and...
    Sometimes I wish.....

    To be continued...