• saranyasanty 31w


    I had lost my sense,
    When I fell in love with him.
    Without any reason,
    Does love need a reason?
    But it needs a heart,
    My heart....Its not been lost,
    But has been broken,
    By my love who is heartless.
    But still I believe that I love him,
    With all my lost sense.
    He meant my world,
    When he proposed me,
    But I meant nothing to him,
    When I accepted his proposal.

    Do I really love him?
    I hope it to be an yes, but there are no's.
    I don't know if I love him,
    But still I do...
    I don't know if I hate him,
    But yes I do...
    He always gives me mixed emotions,
    Which results in tears from heart.
    After all the pains received,
    I love to hate him...
    I never knew love could be hurtful,
    Unless I met him,
    A lovely brainless human,
    Full of loads of unwashable filth.