• bhawana123 10w

    Yes, She is Mine

    Let me tell you story.......
    About a little girl I know,
    When she walks into a room,
    You know she steals the show.
    She's crazy, but she's mine,
    Damn I lose my mind.
    There's no way to be in doubt ,
    That you are beautiful inside and out.
    You are hilarious, awkward and unique,
    Don't know God made you from which technique.
    There're a lot of moments that we spent together,
    But the moment I slapped you was perfect one in the pages of history forever.
    You were always there for me no matter what happened in the life,
    There's no one till the date who can try you to describe.
    There're so many things my heart want to say you,
    All of which can be summed up in just three words that I miss you .
    You're crazy but you're mine....