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    Aarrrgghhhhhhhhh!!! ������������

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    Negative Nancy!

    You upset me in ways I could never explain,
    Your presence brings tension to me,
    And fills my mind with all sorts of evil ideas,
    Making me want to hurt you in ways that haven't been invented yet.

    You are like an exploding virus of negativity,
    An empty black hole that sucks up happiness wherever it goes.
    You laugh even when it's not necessary,
    Somehow the pain of other people brings you joy,
    Which has over the years brought me to a conclusion,
    That you are really a lifeless psychopath.

    Sometimes I wonder if you ever think about the things you say,
    You know, filter your words like a sane person.
    I keep hoping that maybe the next time you are going to be helpful,
    Or maybe at least not puke all over the joyful things around,
    But am always wrong,
    You will always be an insensitive bitch.