• thatgeekgirl 5w


    I feel positive and excited in anticipation, admittedly often in pleasant disbelief
    At how many chances to be candid the universe has sent out.
    Though once we're there, that moment has literally arrived
    I find my anatomy to talk glued shut with doubt.

    My usually artful mouth is unwittingly overtaken my mind
    I have a thousand things I'd honestly love to say.
    Yet can't articulate the words I'd need to do justice to express
    The perceived value I have of a rarity of your kind the correct way.

    I'd feel too much a fool if I just came out and blurted the wonderful things I want to say.
    Which is bizarre! I never in other company fear being a cheerful fool!
    It hasn't been often, that I can't articulate myself, yet a constant in this scenario
    Leaves me feel if I was verbally raw I'd be breaking a solemn unspoken yet certain rule.

    When the gravity of that cannon-ball thought kicks in, I clamber to even say simple words
    And finding the answers to questions, even the nice ones, impossible and hard.
    Though I try be myself, I worry well intended words, will breach an undisclosed taboo
    And my faux-pas will leave the sought dynamic back-stepped and marred.

    I'm not sure why, after much introspection and assuredness of my nature
    In knowing I'm certainly delightful, honest and good
    How I can be distracted by Páro, afraid I'll utter something awful, worthy of severance
    Even though my values and authenticity attest I never would.

    I'm so innately able of being animated and bold
    Yet when deliberating being unable to express my admiration can't pinpoint why.
    I think I'm coming to know and accept that though I know I'm capable and confident
    When it comes to vulnerability, coupled with desire, I'm impossibly shy.

    Why am I so afraid to break the silence and share the undertow of silience my mind holds?
    How can the idea of giving a compliment, of all things, just being sincere
    Freeze me with such worry that I'll ruin a moment I can't do-over, that I'll offend?
    For such a both talkative and fearless girl, it seems so unfitting that it's certain talking I truly fear.