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    You are the vision that I still have in the morning everyday, when the light comes through.
    When I've lied with you and had those secret getaways, and we used to spent the evenings by the sea, that's the only time I've felt religion in my whole life. I used to wake up every morning feeling so good and I'm still waking every morning but it's not with you.

    You were so steaming hot, almost illegal, dripping like a saturated sun. You were like a fabric ripped at every edge, like a broken glass but that's what turned you into a masterpiece and now, as I think about that gorgeous face of yours, I'm chewing my gums and tearing through the pages. As I snapped back from my reveries, I struggled to put down what I was feeling about you, on a page, but this is the image, the portrait that I had of you in my mind and it goes like this :

    Your portrait etched into my mind,
    So clear that I can't deny.
    We parted years ago but still
    Your memories make me sigh.

    Faces come and faces go
    In this game of hearts.
    With the memories of lovers too,
    We often fall apart.

    Our time together was short and sweet,
    The passion raw and shared.
    As you were smitten by my love,
    My feelings too weren't spared.

    If I could have you here again,
    Your lust I'd hold and bind.
    "I'd brand you with my hot desire,
    And burn my portrait in your mind."
    ~Dishani Sarkar

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