• clarizona 9w

    Little One

    Little one
    Had little tears

    Her little smile
    Had little smears

    She howled little cries
    When she scrapped her knee

    Now she howls silent cries
    Beneath the sheets

    Little one
    Played little games

    And she clung her little arms
    Around a little bear

    Whom she cherished everyday
    And was there for every prayer

    Now she cherishes
    The sad little moments

    The love she put in a bottle
    And let it sail to another woman

    Little one
    Grew and grew

    Her chest grew bigger
    And her passions too

    She cried for freedom
    Through and through

    But little scars
    Rooted her down with super glue

    She flew and flew
    In her sleep

    And back to her little
    Childhood dreams