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    A something about a someone
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    Roonie is a good good boy
    He loves to play and has many toys
    He has a big brother that he loves to annoy
    He loves giving kisses yeah he's not coy 'cause

    He's a little puppy and loves to play rough
    He likes to think he's smart,
    And a little bit tough
    Sometimes though he's had enough and he
    Takes a nap on the living room rug yeah

    Roonie is a good good guy
    he just doesn't know it yet,
    he pees inside And he loves to bite,
    but he's
    Miiiiine yeah

    Roonie's gonna grow up strong
    Yeah he'll be great just prove me wrong,
    I know this is already getting kinda long but I
    Just wanted to write him a song cause
    Roonie is a good good dog