• sunshinespectrum 30w

    My personal disguise.

    They were irritating at first,
    caring the second,
    third was their love,
    and fourth brings you back to irritating.

    They would eat all your energy but at the same time won't fail to make you smile. They met at the time I was sure I don't want anyone just my work.

    Now they are the reason of my growth. They trouble you so much that trouble would be amazed at their deeds, then they are so much dear that you won't live without them now.

    The ones you used to never pay attention to are now the ones who made you learn, grow and most of all. Believe.

    They never said a word. But time gently speaks to me at some days and some nights that these are the ones who made you believe. Hope.

    That yes such people exist. That yes you can do anything you want. That yes forevers are dressed in overalls of Nevers. That yes, love does not needs to be expressed, time will be the proof of that itself. That yes, no matter how much you doubt, real ones stay. That yes, friends are the Most beautiful and best thing that can happen to anyone.

    To me they are more than heroes of my life. To me they would be the friends I will choose every time before anyone else. To me they are those different spices you add to make your dish perfect. To me they are those gems you wanna hide and never share. To me they are irritating more than anyone else. To me they are the only reason I get hurt. To me they are my dearest.

    To me they are those silent tribe of people who won't let you know, but at the end you know that yes. These are my people.my tribe.

    To them I am a kid and an old soul fitted into a single being. To them, I don't know who i am, it doesn't matters. For, to us we are simply us. Together.

    One is Angel, the other magician. Call them magical spirits or a personal crazy bliss.
    I call it a blessing in disguise.