• apoetnamedhommy 5w


    An indigenous representative of my mother country, I roam the lands in search of peace, In search of prosperity, in search of something, something far greater. By greater I mean, something better than making America great again. America was founded on a foundation that was already built and the colonizers came in, killing my native people just to conquer what is rightfully ours.

    Viva la revolucion!
    We revolt against the tyranny
    Viva la revolucion!
    We stand together to fight our oppressors
    Viva la revolucion!
    Hasta la muerte nos unimos en esta Tierra sin fin.

    With my accordion strapped to my shoulder, this squeezebox produces sounds that make the air vibrate similar to the way her body would gyrate from fear of an ICE agent. In a trance like state I pick up my guiro, make ratchet sounds ricochet so my people can dance but it’s no longer dancing while they flee the bullets flying past them. All while my guitar creates synths that are as silky smooth as the bill you passed to fund a wall which no matter what cannot stop us all!

    We march to the beat of my drum, in tune, while this fucking bafoon speaks hatred, dissolute with the words he spews from his mouth, minuscule hands flying about. A coward who hides behind his words, little does he know that our revolt grows stronger with the venom that we spew, lyrical prowess, spreading announcements to the masses.

    We are Los Nahuatlatos, we are a nation exhausted from oppression.
    We are Los Nahuatlatos, Uto-Aztecan, speaking our truths.
    We are Los Nahuatlatos, we hold our fists up together to end this hatred, one wall, one barrier, it won’t stop us from sending our message.
    We are Los Nahuatlatos and our music will start a revolution, Jamás inquietos !Resistan Ya!