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    My respects to you sir


    Hello mirakeenos. God bless the things we learn.
    Beautifull brothers and sisters let's always love and cherish the dinosaurs.

    "Listening for tomorrow"

    Older souls extol to the world
    that the young do as there told.
    for values can't be old, die, or go.

    They've made it"
    to the finale"
    The passing of the torch.
    A generation and it's growth.

    Children now listen"
    there respect has no resistance
    and soon they'll be the bison,
    but for now admire the dinosaur.

    The old touch our souls
    So now the young inherits
    story's, solutions, and more
    answers, treasures, and lore

    the chain of command
    where button loves the top
    manned to ourselfs to grow like crop.
    and have control over luck.

    experience is not just appearance
    and time doesn't necessarily come
    accompanied by knowledge.

    a teach will never say that you can't.
    all lessons have allegiance to try.
    discipline to correct can never be shy.

    This lands stand because of old man's hands. yesterday's research brings live rehearsal, where the ascendance can predict cognizance and not leave it to coincidence.

    a piece of mind to the old that's soon to go. it's to have left the young with
    understanding birth.

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    "Listening for tomorrow"