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    Will you?

    It's been a while since we met
    More than a while since we talked,
    Do you remember me under the moonlit sky?
    Or when the stars light up with all their grace?
    Have you forgotten the heavenly taste
    When your lips pressed against mine
    And arms clutched around each other
    We had our first kiss!

    Do you remember those late night calls
    When we slept to the hushed sounds
    Of each other breathing over the earphones?
    Have you forgotten those 11 and 13 hours of continued WhatsApp video calls?
    Darling, have you changed
    For the good or for the bad?

    Will you take me in your arms
    And kiss me on my neck,
    Just the way you did for the very first time,
    Leaving cold breath of love over my eyes?
    Detangling my hair and pressing me hard
    Against your chest.

    Will you regret pulling my hand
    And placing it on your heart
    Giving me goosebumps so intense
    Once again?
    Will you regret locking your fingers against mine
    And looking with the same old love
    To these tired eyes of mine?

    Would you mind answering me -
    Don't you remember me at 3 a.m,
    When you suddenly wake up from sleep?
    Or to the melancholic tunes of romance?
    Or under the dark night sky
    Hoping to embrace each other for eternity!
    Will you still hold my hands and close your eyes,
    Just the way you used to do to me?

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    I hope I can resonate to your vibes.
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    Will you?

    Will you regret pulling my hand
    And placing it on your heart?