• elibegreen 30w

    Rest in Peace

    An ECG's wavering chime.
    A weary arm on bleached sheets.
    Thin skin draped over hollow bones.
    Tired blood plods through winding veins .

    Stale light glints through untouched glass.
    Bland food steeps in suppressed disdain.
    A TV drones to stone deaf ears.
    An IV postpones eager sleep.

    You clutch my sleeve with grim strength,
    And search my gaunt soul for zeal,
    But my eyes fix on a tile's webbed crack,
    Which guards my heart's feeble rhythm.

    Though your life left you long ago,
    You cling to it with a knotted fist
    And hold your souls on a teetering edge
    Just before the great abyss.

    So let it go, oh tired friend,
    And sink deep into the unknown
    Where an eternal embrace
    Awaits your soul.

    I will erect a stone in your name,
    And chisel these words with my own hand:
    "Here lies Regret, a faithful friend
    May he rest in peace."