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    It is not just a word it carries a very deep meanings
    If anyone tells us he is in deepression we just make laugh "Haa Haa what a joke"
    We never tries to understand it and try to their problems by taking it seriously
    According to me everyone face deepression and everyone fight with this
    But when it crosses its limits
    Even a patience person looses its patience
    And take wrong decision and end their life
    As we know corona this shit makes everyone life hell
    Mainly when you are an introvert its make your life more hell
    We are living in a generation in which we have a lot of friends on social media
    But in reality we have no one to share our feelings
    Just because we think they make joke of it
    Deepression is not a pain so you can see on someone face or body
    You need to interact with someone to know about this
    We all know it is to fight with anyone but it is hardest to fight with own self
    And when you loose this fight you loose your everything
    Everyone says it was just a small problem and he did sucide
    Man according to you it was a small problem
    But ask to that person who is facing it
    You can't imagine what he is facing
    I am just want to say that
    If you feeling deepressed just talk to your family
    They will never take it easy and believe they will understand you more than everyone
    Because they never want to loose their children
    And they can't see you in the form of dead body
    They will die alive......!

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