• xamber52 9w

    # countless # nights # alone # burying # cry

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    Countless nights..

    Countless nights.......

    Beauteous heart that I know you own.
    A smile on my face, I am not alone.
    Countless nights, I wish you were there.
    Countless nights, I hope you did care.

    Burying my soul upon your name.
    Lifting my head as if I am in shame.
    Wished I could of counted on you to be by my side.
    Once again going on this scary ride.

    You promised me that you would stand by me.
    But why do I feel so ugly.
    I hung my head up so high.
    Why do I want to cry?

    These are my last merciful tears.
    Way beyond my pitiful years.
    I loved and hated you all in one.