• deepslumber 6w

    This poem is dedicated to all the beautiful people from the LGBTQ+ community. Since its the first day of pride month, I thought of writing something for these amazing people.
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    A rogue's call

    Thou beautiful beings,
    I'm with you.
    Throughout the dark phases, when you questioned yourself.
    When you questioned your existence.
    When you were struggling internally.
    I was always there.
    I was observing you.
    But alas! Wasn't I in a position to do anything.
    To take actions for you.
    To fight for you.
    To take a stand for you.
    To claim your rights.
    To ensure your priviledges.
    I'm sorry. I was helpless.
    Having deep dismay.
    Trying to fight my internal conflict,
    Sitting at a corner sulking about myself
    While you cried for help.
    While you tried to seek assistance.
    Where was I?
    Why was I so insecure, being trapped in that messed up cage.
    When I could've helped you through this.
    When I could've done something worthwhile for you.
    When I could've raised my voice for you.
    Why did I show such timidity?
    Such cowardice?
    I'm sorry for your loss.
    I'm sorry for your struggles.
    I'm sorry for the atrocities you had to bear.
    I'm sorry for the threat that is created for your survival everyday.
    I'm sorry for everything.
    Some of you had to remain closeted.
    Some of you had to suffer mentally and physically.
    Some of you had to go through horrible things.
    Some of you were publicly lynched.
    Some of you had to go through the terrible shock therapy.
    Some of you were assaulted sexually.
    Some of you were raped brutally.
    Some of you had to die.
    Those who fought for you were silenced.
    Those who stood for you were murdered.
    But now, this is enough.
    It has to stop.
    I'll do whatever is required even if it makes the slightest change.
    The time has come.
    You'll rise, I'll rise. We all will rise.
    Yes, I'm the society. I'm the misapprehensions.
    I'm the assumptions. I'm the stereotype.
    Thou beautiful beings,
    I'm with you.