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    After a long time tried to write something!!

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    I generally reach station at nine 'o clock but if the train comes late it becomes nine past fifteen minutes...I stand under the overbridge and generally see the hustles and bustles of peoples going for their job... I never get the time to see those peoples when she comes in the same train and then both of us share a smile and go to our college...
    We are in the same college and probably that's what we call destiny because of which we got admitted in the same college..
    We met for the first time in a science tuition and as everyone says love is basically chemistry maybe both of us loved chemistry that's why we used to get same marks..
    It was a physics exam on refraction of light and a girl patted on my shoulder and she asked "what is the answer of Q5 (b) and my answer is 45 degree.. have you solved by the method sir taught and plz tell me what is the answer?"before I could reply one of her questions she asked four questions all at once..and I told her that my answer was 45 degree also .. she said "Wowwww.. thank you!!"..I never saw a girl of this cuteness...she was so charming and sweet.. we became good friends after that and became best friends..we used to share every details of our life with each other....
    As I said earlier it is destiny due to which we got admitted to the same college..so whenever I reach station before she reaches I wait for her train to reach and I don't know why one minutes seems to be like one hour at that time and when her train arrives at the station I just stretch my eyes towards that beautiful girl who looks gorgeous in college uniform also..she gives a smile and that smile can shook even the Himalayas and we spend only hardly ten minutes and that ten minutes makes my day great..I don't know why but it happens..I love spending time with her..all the craziness,singing,having a tea together..it just makes me happy..we don't know what it is but there is something...one day I met a old-man after I dropped her in her house and that old man asked "are we dating?"I said "Noooooo..." Then he said "stop lying!!!you can't fool a man with seventy five years of experience"..I was silent unable to deny the fact that there is something..."He asked "Do you know what I used to call your grandmother ?" I said "plz. Tell me" then he replied "I used to call her potato(aluuuuu)..I smiled and asked him why did you call potato? And he replied that "aluuuuu means I love you and I used to say that time Aaa lubh uuuuu so to hide from everyone I used to call her alu..did you get it young man?"..I was stunned and smiled and told him "you are the best!!!!"