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    Baby, I am no scientist but...

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    The Science of you and I

    Oh, small frequencies that I ignore.
    It drew me closer.
    Somehow your energy attracted the magnet of the opposing force-- I.
    The momentum of this hypothetical chase in my mind feeds more reasons for the hypothalamus in my brain to fuel up my fantasies of you.
    Everytime you smile, I hyperventilate.
    I feel the rapid beats, the rhythm of desperate feelings wanting to be reciprocated.
    But love doesn't force; for force breaks matter.
    Matters of the heart.
    The rush of blood pulsating through my veins, stains my fair complexion beet red,
    The moment you came close.
    Admit it, we do have chemistry.
    Cupid has blown a kiss of luck at love at the right time.
    It was fascinating even if the cynicals call it cliché,
    How the magnetic pupils of your dark, majestic iris beautifully expanded,
    The moment I submitted to the force tugging me to take a step closer.
    Somehow, the gravity beneath my feet pulls me back to the spectacular now,
    When this mind of mine got lost in a cloud of haze filled with thoughts about you,
    My consciousness in a trance treading the soft cotton bed of cloud nine.