• wilsongelder 5w

    Dream (In Remembrance of George Floyd)

    I have a dream
    That I can remold myself into what my family sees me to be
    That I can move and show my kids how a father loves.
    That struggle and mistakes is what pushes us above
    That I can walk down the street unfearful
    That I can go to the store provide for my loved ones
    That's where the dreams ends though
    That's the storybook ending he got when that cop knelt on his neck so long his heart had to stop
    And now the only way justice can happen is burning down the building of the murderers to its cinderblocks
    He escaped arrest and was simply fired at first
    That fire was lit in everyone that knew the name George Floyd and came together to show you dont mess with us
    I have a dream
    That I can be a part of the cause
    Put my mask on my fist up and join along
    Be an ally to those who want me
    Be one to help pull the knife out the back of those hurting
    It's not progress if its only an inch
    We got to pull the whole mother fucker out and prepare to stitch
    Feed them medicine and watch the wound heal
    Watch the scar form to remind us what was there
    I have a dream
    Its only a dream right now
    We must continue to fight
    I know it hurts I dont understand your right I mean I'm white
    I never felt fear as you and I wish you could see the world from my point of view
    If I could give you some privilege I would
    But that's just a dream
    So I'll try my best to not over speak give you the floor bullhorn and mic to preach and I'll just stand and say in unison the names of those who should have been able to stand where I am
    Tamir Rice
    Ahmed Arbury
    Philando Castile
    Breonna Taylor
    Michael Brown
    Trayvon Martin
    Should I go on or do i make my point
    I have a dream
    Where these names are in legislation
    Laws named after them, legacies built on them and they are not just echoes in this room
    I should assume that to be the case I mean this is the great U S of A
    Where liberty, equality, and democracy come first
    Where the voice of someone with more melanin than me isnt silenced by a bullet or the knee of a man with a badge
    That's my dream
    Let's make it a reality
    This is a tragedy but we cannot stop and mourn we shall carry the casket on our backs as we march forward
    They cannot stop all of us and people that look like me should not lead the march but be the wall because for some reason the cops wont shoot at all
    To Washington D.C. we go and have our funerals there for everyone whose ever died
    For trying to have a dream