• betsy_r_brown 6w

    Born Broken

    Our story is written on my skin
    A love song with a tragic end
    We are both so broken
    We were born broken I think

    That breathless embrace
    When you wrap me in your arms
    Puts paradise to shame
    I am both found and lost

    Our pieces come apart
    Time and time again
    Rebuilt imperfectly
    Into a shape resembling human
    The missing pieces are but dust
    Each time the gaps widen

    Eventually we will be nothing but lost dust
    Scattered beyond gathering
    Broken beyond repair

    This is not my home
    My world, my body, my life
    This is not
    And yet you
    You are my greatest love
    My greatest sorrow
    All pain is born of these

    Envy for the moon and stars
    To shine without knowing love