• bey5151 6w

    black death

    See when birds don't fly together
    Feel weary when silence wraps around yourself
    Like the roots of self-fiber in the forest of the soul
    With the fog tricking us into doing wrong

    A sweet smile of wishful thinking and a riot of reason in those days
    The stage complained of joking and making friends
    But when the imaginary shrouded in longing is silent and gone
    Is everyone still happy where I'm going?

    Never been an enemy from friend to friend every day
    Embrace or hit while applying makeup
    Now it's time for the smoke from the fire to seep through the air and disappear
    These memories remain because in the heart are stored traces

    It can't be repeated but it's a game in the heart.
    Sad this time be longing for happiness of togetherness at the end of the day
    I don't remember the amount of breath but I buried it into a living rainbow.
    In all the beautiful colors only black that I know