• sayuki 4w

    Animals are God's gift. They deserve to be treated with respect and love just as humans.
    They have a right to choose and refuse the cruelty that some face.
    There are few who do not realise this precious gift.
    Though we may not understand them doesn't make them any less worthy...
    #stop animal cruelty

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    Be Kind

    They first crawl,
    Their tiny feet still couldn't support them,
    Their eyes filled with determination and innocence...
    This precious life protected within their arms.

    They first crawl, pushing their siblings
    Their tiny paws searching for their mother's warmth.
    Time spent together so short..
    Pulled away from their mother's warmth...

    Both are the same,
    Both know to love,
    Both share instinct,
    Both yearn to protect their own,
    Yet why is it that the one that can't speak is denied the same...