• shuvam17 21w

    Reality check

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    And you will be loved.

    Just because you love her doesn't mean she must love you back.
    She will. But not the way you want it to be
    She will make sure you are not hurt
    She will take care of you with no boundaries
    She will make you feel like you're worth it
    She will be happy at your happiness
    She will become your happiness
    But she won't love you the way you want it to be.
    She won't water the idea that you can be together
    She won't let you build up expectations that you won't fall apart
    She won't let you cry cause she cares. She wants to continue being the reason you smile.
    She won't make you believe she's the one.
    She won't love you the way you wanted her to.

    She is divinely pure..but you won't understand, cause you would just want more of it
    You'd be disappointed cause she wouldn't love you the way you want to.
    And that's how it is. That is the gift and the curse called love. That's the bittersweet symphony of life..of love.