• sksfantasy_girl 6w

    Same life Turned

    She live in dreams
    She live in hope
    Same pattern follows
    Same high and lows
    Going to school
    Going to coaching
    Believing in God
    Believing some day
    Her dream come true
    Her heart beats
    Everyday in grace
    Everyday she smiles
    When he arrives
    When he sit next to her
    Her love blooming
    Her spring came
    Like a fantasy
    Like her dream
    Came to her
    Came in disguise
    Looking at her
    Looking with love
    From his eyes
    From his heart
    Saying i am here
    Saying hold me
    In your arms
    In life forever
    Time keeps on ticking
    Time made a turn
    She never realised
    She never recognised
    Hurted her dream everyday
    Hurted from her behaviour
    Never listened her heart
    Never talked
    Moved on
    Moved without turning
    Leaving her heart
    Leaving him behind
    Then she broke down
    Then she realise
    All her blunder
    All her colors faded
    Leaving a dead flower
    Leaving past behind
    Turned the wheel of life
    Turned back to his love