• earlnich_26 10w

    Remember the time,
    The time when women can take a stroll at 2am alone,
    When men are no longer hunted,
    When youths live the life they wanted,
    Police brutality is now a legend,
    A myth which exist only in time,
    A time when my drip elevate my ego,
    And not land me in "kirikiri",
    Because I wear the patina of the evil,
    A time when I can gallantly flaunt my tattoos,
    And our guardians in black suits listen to the story behind every ink,
    And not scar our tender skin with broken bottles when scraping the memory,
    A time when our mothers receive the gratuity they worked their life for,
    A time when our fathers return home to the smile of their grand children,
    And not to body bags of their son,
    A time when clean water is not a luxury,
    A time when we are at war only in mobile games,
    A time when the fish can live happily ever after,
    With their greatest nemesis "plastic"' gone,
    A time where Somalia is a vacation destination,
    A Disneyland,
    A time when rac lost its "ism" crown,
    A time when my melanin concentration doesn't announce my privilege,
    A time when happiness is a pandemic,
    And joy,
    A virus everyone had,
    But yeah,
    The time I've always been living,
    In my head,
    Rents free
    The cadence of a despaired mother's heartbeat,
    The creeping finger of sorrow,
    The reality

    - Earl

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