• dawnykins59 10w

    Watering the Plastic Flowers

    Staying in a loveless relationship, trying to love enough for both parties in a one-sided relationship, or trying to revive a long-gone and dead relationship is like watering plastic flowers.

    It's best to spend what energy you have left and what courage you can muster up on repairing the relationship you have with yourself.

    Unlike you, the bouquet of plastic flowers has an enormously long shelf life. Chances are you will be long forgotten while those bits of plastic set on a charity shop shelf waiting for resale.

    You may ask yourself if it is fear that has you chained to the needless, repetitive watering cycle.  Is it the loss you may think that you will experience if you throw the bouquet away? Are you afraid of the empty shelf that will remain?

    Don't get so hung up on what appears to the world to be a gorgeously perfect arrangement. It is better to start from a seedling planted in nutritious soil with the proper amount of nurturing sunlight and water than it is to continue to feed a lifeless plant that doesn't recognize or appreciate your efforts.

    Don't think that you are giving up. By not ending the cycle, the only person you are giving up on is yourself. Remember, you are worth so much more than any amount of man-made, recyclable plastic. You are worth an endlessly budding, ever-growing gorgeous bouquet of blossoms.

    d. nelson 09/20/2020