• divyariti 10w

    Last but not the least

    Today I get to know what it really means
    To be the last but not the least.
    While ending this long journey of hazy dreams
    But no you won't be allowed to feast
    This another journey will let you move
    But with shields and rules
    In discos you can't groove
    Grouping and partying still is talk of fools.
    Pat yourself that you survived
    Be grateful that you still shine
    For all this time love you imbibed
    Got time to say Family is mine
    So recharge again, get up again
    To find pleasure in this another phase
    Don't boggle much with your brain
    For it is not a trophy race
    Just ease and smile
    For that's all you can do
    You have been strong all this while
    Once again start fresh and new