• raisa_foletia 5w

    Christianity Vs Religion II

    I really love God
    I want to be totally and completely drawn
    To all he is and all I could be as God’s son
    Please don’t judge me when things go wrong
    I’m trying but it’s hard, why is that so wrong?
    I’ve learnt not to wear my heart on my sleeve, not to live for me but for him
    But if I miss a service I have sinned?
    My presence means more than my faith?
    That’s ok, I’ll see you Sunday at 8!

    I love God
    I’ll love God, today, tomorrow till it’s all gone
    Till this world without end finally finds an end
    Religion will always be your backbone
    But I’m a Christian and that’s the difference between me and you
    Don’t judge me by your rules
    I said I am a Christian, that’s the difference between me and you